Who are we ?



“We are two insect lovers who want to show this fascinating world to people. We both have PhDs in Science and we want to share this scientific knowledge with the most.” 

Where does the idea of Fourmidables® come from ?

We met during our PhDs in the Research Institute for Insect Biology in Tours (37). During these three years as PhD students we built a profound friendship.

Fourmidables is a project that we have since the beginning of 2019. It is born from a common idea: share our love for insects using science, creativity and originality. The idea is to talk about insects in a different way to make them more attractive and make their morphological, behavioral and ecological richness more visible.

The evolution of the project

February 2019 :  Beginning of Fourmidables – Elaboration of the firsts ideas.

May – November 2019 : Training in business creation with La Maison pour Rebondir – SUEZ.

June 2019 : Deposit of the Fourmidables® trademark in the register of French trademarks.

October 2019: Registration as a business.

November 2019: Our first actions as Fourmidables!

Who are the Fourmidables® ?

Cristela Sanchez Oms

Ant passionate and PhD in Evolutive Ecology

Co-founder of Fourmidables®

“ I fell in love with social insects during my Bachelor and since then I have been interested in them. This passion led me to become “Doctor in ants”. I had the chance to realize my PhD thesis on this insect which captivates me and it was during this experiment that I acquired my scientific expertise and the taste for public outreach in science. In love with nature, today I wish to share my passion and my scientific expertise with the general public to unveil this extraordinary little world which is still, unfortunately, little known.”

French and Spanish speaker.

My assets : Adaptability and my enthusiasm for new projects !

My little sin : homemade cakes and cookies


Diane Bigot

Bee lover and PhD in Evolutive Biology

Co-founder of Fourmidables®

“Before the beginning of my PhD, I was scared of bees, bumble bees, wasps and just about every flying insect. It is by studying them more closely that I became familiar with them, understood how they work and their role in the ecosystem. I have also studied threats to pollinating insects such as viruses, bacteria and the impact of pesticides in their decline. This scientific knowledge I want to share with people to show how we can help insects and at the same time ourselves.“

French and English speaker.

My assets : Adaptability, pedagogy and creativity.

My little sin : Love the chocolate too much…

Why choose Fourmidables®?

Because we are all-including! You will receive us in the comfort of your place. You have nothing else to prepare.

Because we adapt our activities to each type of audience and we tailor-make your activity! We encourage you to tell us about your needs.

Because our enthusiasm and creativity guarantee a fun and educational experience.

Because we are PhDs in Science and we want to share our expertise. We put in place a different approach from what usually naturalists do, and we will as much as possible base it on the latest scientific discoveries. We make sure to stay up-to-date of research news through scientific journals and attending conferences.

Because we propose our animations in French as well as in Spanish and English.

Because you will remember it for a long time! We create vivid and exhilarating moments.

Fourmidables plaquette