To have a closer look on insects !

A new way to see the fascinating world of insects !

You are looking for an innovative idea for your school project, a birthday party or team building for your company ?

Come explore the insect universe with us through scientific animations and creative workshops. 

An innovative project !

Fourmidables® what it is ?

Fourmidables is the project of two PhDs in Ecology and Biology who wanted to share their scientific knowledge on insects to the max. Their aim is to raise public awareness on the importance of insects to have a new look at them using their scientific expertise.

The goal of Fourmidables is to address environmental questions using playful and original activities allowing everyone to observe, manipulate, listen and discuss subjects. The ambition is to communicate knowledge to the most people to promote respect for the environment.

What do we offer ? Scientific animations about insects on various formats and for everyone: individuals, companies, associations etc.

insecte sur le doigt, ascalaphe

You want to know more ?

Meet us in our blog (in French only) to read every month a new fascinating story on insects ! 

Scientific facts, anecdotes and even more …

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Where can you find us ?

Bordeaux and around.

We are located in Bordeaux metropolis. 

Our principal action radius is about 30 km (max 30 min) around Bordeaux (Blue on the map). 

Between 30 and 50 km (maximum 1h) we add a  supplement for travel (Red on the map). 

Above this radius, please contact us to have more information.

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